Decor ideas: geometric furniture and industrial style

We decided to put together two things that we, from Studio Deusdara, are fans in interior design: geometric furniture and industrial style. Usually you find at the internet and books a lot of information about these two trends, but isolated. So we decided to unite them in one post. First, it seems that geometric shapes and industrial decorations were born for each other. Second why we're here to complicate your life, right ?! Come on!

At our online store we have some geometric furniture that can fit in a modern industrial style. Take a look!

Industrial Style

The industrial style can follow two lines, vintage or modern. Everything will depend on the furniture, materials, accessories and colors that you will choose for the environment decor's. However, there are some recurring aspects in both industrial decorating styles, such as neutral colors, exposed steel, raw wood, apparent bricks and cement flooring.

We love a contemporary industrial decor, much in the style of modern New York lofts, with high ceilings, large windows and exposed beams and plumbing. The decor will be very urban, with straight lines, functional and practical. Geometric shapes are most welcome!

Photo:  Froy Blog

Photo: Froy Blog

Geometric furniture

We may not even handle mathematics very well on a day-by-day, but bringing geometry into the home is a great idea to make the environment more modern, daring and minimalist. Choose one or at most two geometric furniture to have prominence in the decoration. More than that, there will be many rectangles, lozenges or hexagons per square meter. It's over!

To maintain the industrial style, the tip is to look for furniture made with some specific materials, such as leather sofas or armchairs, rustic wooden tables, shelves, sideboards or metal tables. If you find a geometric furniture that has wood and metal structure together, like our Real Sideboard and the Real Side Table, you can buy without fear. It will be incredible!

Photo: Real Side Table by Studio Deusdara

Photo: Real Side Table by Studio Deusdara

Photo: Tangram Side Table by Studio Deusdara 

Photo: Tangram Side Table by Studio Deusdara 

Accessories with graphics and geometric shapes

Geometric shapes have appeared in art, fashion, and architecture for quite some time. Yes, we know that also in design and decoration, geometry comes up again and again. However, there is always an innovative touch, which updates the use of graphics and geometric shapes. Want examples?

Ethnic rugs with contrasting colors like black and white or dry rose and navy blue are a good bet. Another good tip is to choose frames of different shapes and sizes and merge them on the same wall, including positioning them diagonally. A simple idea and out of the ordinary. Invest also in the luminaires in straight lines and brushed steel have become the trademark of the industrial style.

In addition to these objects, blankets, cushions, potted plants, curtains and table centers are great options for home accessories that can come with geometric patterns (the Chevron print, that zig-zag pattern is a good choice).

Photo:  Froy Blog

Photo: Froy Blog

Photo:  Nick Glimenakis  at  Homepolish  / Project:  Emma Beryl

Photo: Nick Glimenakis at Homepolish / Project: Emma Beryl

Minimal and modern

If you've come this far, you've noticed that minimalism is the watchword for an environment with geometric decor in industrial style, yes ?! Usually, the spaces are large, with little furniture and decoration objects, following the "naked aesthetics" of the structure with exposed pipes. Therefore, furniture in straight lines, modern and with few details is our suggestion.

Bet on 3D printed decoration products

3D print have gained a lot of space in recent years, and what began with small objects has evolved, and today we see even 3D printed houses (see Icon Build work). And what about furniture and decorating? The depth, textures and geometry of 3D prints complement the industrial-style décor very well.

Photo:  Casa Vogue  / Project:  Estúdio Penha

Photo: Casa Vogue / Project: Estúdio Penha

Photo:  Dezeen  / Project:  Muller Van Severen  

Photo: Dezeen / Project: Muller Van Severen 

The colors!

Bet on black always. There is no mistake! Navy blue is also a good choice for this modern style. But if you prefer cleaner environments, white, gray or earthy neutral tones are the most indicated.

And if you think the vibrant colors do not go well here, you can change your mind! As the structure of the environment tends to be more neutral, punctuating colors in some furniture or accessories gives lightness to the decoration. We recommend!

Finally, enjoy the colors to paint the same wall with two or three different tones, horizontally or vertically. It is yet another way of uniting geometric shapes and industrial design in a modern and innovative way.

Photo: Marie Claire Maison

Photo: Marie Claire Maison

Photo: Rogerio Cavalcanti at  Casa Vogue

Photo: Rogerio Cavalcanti at Casa Vogue