What are the best woods for furniture?

Do you want to change some wooden furniture and get lost in regards to which material has the best quality or is it suitable for each type of furniture? Most people feel the same difficulty. So, we decided to make this post, to help you understand a little more about the best woods for furniture.

Nowadays, there are many options for woodwork. You can make solid wood furniture, MDF, MDP, Plywood and even with more modern materials, like Valchromat®. Let's talk about each of these types of wood for furniture, but first see some points that will help you in the best choice, such as:

  • Is the wood certified? Never buy illegally harvested wood.
  • Are knot’s wood small or large? The lower, the higher the resistance of the wood.
  • Are fibers very or slightly sloping with respect to the longitudinal axis? The less inclination, the better.
  • Is wood resistant to termites and fungi?
  • Does it go well with moisture, heat, exposure to sun and rain?

Think of the wooden furniture you want to buy or order. What is its function? What environment will it be in? Will it be in an outdoor or indoor? Asking these questions before making a decision is essential. Now, shall we go to the best types of wood for furniture?

Photo:  annagillar.se

Furniture made of solid wood

A solid wood furniture is synonymous with quality and durability. It's those furniture that will pass from generation to generation and remain beautiful and robust. Usually natural wood is used in furniture such as tables, chairs, cupboards and beds. The downsides are excessive weight and high price. If you always like to change the home decor or the position of the furniture, we don't indicate solid wood furniture. Here are some of the best types of wood:

Cedar - It's a soft and light wood, which facilitates sanding, sawing or screwing. It's suitable for small objects such as lamps, even for furniture such as tables and chairs. Besides that, it's resistant to moisture, which makes it a good wood for outdoor furnitures.

Pine - It's a wood widely used in the furniture industry, both for being easy to use and for being cheap material. The well-marked growth rings give a beautiful "texture" to the wood.

Oak - One of the best types of wood for furniture. It's strong, resists moisture and is easy to handle. The price matches the extreme quality.

Beech - A more affordable wood that is widely used in the furniture, woodworking and decoration industry.

Holly - Your shrub has become one of the symbols of Christmas, but the wood, hard and tough, is one of the best for furniture. As Holly absorbs dyes well, it's common to dye the wood in black, to resemble ebony, rare and very expensive african wood.

Eucalyptus - Not only the wood lives the industry of Eucalyptus. Everything is taken advantage of this plant, the leaves, the bark, the trunk, the fibers. In the joinery, it has been used since the beginning of the 20th century. Its advantages are lightness and easy handling. Eucalyptus Citriodora is the hardest and toughest species, perfect for the manufacture of furniture.

MDF Wood Furniture

MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. It’s an environmentally friendly material, made of wood fiber and synthetic resin, which together form pliable and resistant plaques. When worked in the correct way, MDF is highly recommended for furniture manufacturing. Do you know why?

  • Its color is always uniform;
  • Its smooth texture is perfect for paint finishes, melamine laminates or natural wood covers;
  • MDF does not dilate like wood;
  • It's hardly attacked by termites;
  • As it's a flexible material, MDF is a type of wood that goes well with furniture and objects with curves, many cuts, notches and reliefs;
  • It has a lower cost compared to other materials

However, not everything is perfect. MDF wood furniture does not like moisture or even many mounts and disassemblies. Watch out for these "cons" when it comes to defining the best material for your mobile.

MDP Wood Furniture

If the MDF has in its fibers the basic element, the MDP (Medium Desinty Particleboard) is made from the particles of wood, which unite when subjected to high temperatures.

MDP wood is perfect for straight-line furniture with no markings and embossed cuts, as it gives them good stability as well as strength and lightness. If you are thinking of changing furniture such as bookcases, storages, niches and shelves, you can rely on MDP as one of the best woods for furniture today. Besides that, the MDP boards are made from reforestation wood, so they’re sustainable.

Photo: Real Sideboar by Studio Deusdara

Photo: Real Sideboar by Studio Deusdara

Furniture in Valchromat®

Ever heard of this type of agglomerated? To make it easier to understand, we can say that Valchromat is like a colored MDF, but even better. It eliminates the application of paints, as it is already dyed with organic dyes, in all its thickness. Therefore, even being sanded or machined, the color remains the same.

The Valchromat is better than the MDF in terms of moisture resistance, is more flexible, requires less finishing work and gives a modern touch to the furniture.

Photo:  Valchromat®
Photo:  Valchromat®

Furniture in Plywood

There are several types of plywood in the market. One is especially used for furniture and design objects, because of a specific feature: the pattern that is made on the sides of the material, with several different wood color lines. Some in shades of beige, others in brown, others in darker brown. These lines are actually wood veneers, which are joined by a chemical resin and give these textured look to the plywood.

We love this trademark of plywood and we take the opportunity to create a furniture with total prominence to the lines. Our Plywood Stool works as a stool or side table, has a modern design, that knew how to take advantage of its raw material.

Photo: Plywood Stool in its four colors 

Photo: Plywood Stool in its four colors 

Photo: Plywood Stool by Studio Deusdara

Photo: Plywood Stool by Studio Deusdara

Photo: Plywood Stool by Studio Deusdara

Photo: Plywood Stool by Studio Deusdara

Wood good helps. And the care too!

Here at Studio, raw material is serious business. We value the highest quality, not only of wood, but of paints, metals, fabrics and mechanisms. And, as we like to experiment, we have in our portfolio products made with various types of wood, including solid wood, MDF, MDP and plywood.

Our experience says that choosing the best woods for the furniture is key. However, taking care and doing preventive maintenance expands the life of the furniture and makes it much more durable and resistant. Re-tighten some screws, do not use abrasive cleaning products, do not expose the wood furniture directly to the sun or rain, do not overload it by weight. This is all a little care you can take and will help you keep your furniture always beautiful.