Stone House

Braga, Portugal



The house was distributed in two floors, the ground floor, with 212.00m², the floor where the whole program of coexistence of the house will take place, with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, as well as living room, kitchen, laundry and being intimate for the family. For the basement, with 75m² was intended for parking of up to three cars.


As an architectural party it was wanted to separate the house into two macro zones (intimate and public), where in the intimate are the rooms and living room for family use, and the public will function the room for family uses and any receptions. And as in a large circular diagram, in the intersection area the kitchen will function as the heart of the house and where these two macro zones intersect.


The roof of the house will be made of 2 concrete slabs, one north and one south, with a slope of 2% north and south, where the rainwater will be captured for future reuse. The solution of the two slabs at different levels is to open a gap of light for the intimate being of the family, thus making it better use of the day and with better temperature for the winter days of the region.


The adopted architectural party has connections with the old village house of Portugal that is still very much seen in the small villages, where the stone is used as a structure and house cover, for its robustness and capacity of thermal and acoustic insulation, maintaining comfortable temperatures inside from the house to the hottest summers and also to the most rigorous winters. All this combined with good value for money.